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This site has been designed to help identify some of Alabama's reptile & amphibian species.By contributing your information from the field we can help build an accurate and constantly evolving guide to Alabama’s herp species. Through our collaboration we can assure future generations of hobbyist's and outdoors enthusiasts that they will have the data needed to help ensure the survival of Alabama’s herp species. These efforts and concerns will ultimately help and allow our “slimy” friends to continue to thrive for all to enjoy !!!

Share Your Pictures or Suggestions

If you would like to share your pictures, please re-name the picture in the following format: Species, County, and photographer - if you want to be credited (example: Eastern Kingsnake Montgomery Co. John Doe.jpg)

Send us an e-mail


Web Site Pictures

The photographs within this website were generously contributed by their owners to promote education and the study, better management, and enjoyment of nature. These owners retain copyright with all rights reserved to their images and you should contact the photographer/source for permission of it's use.
In most cases, you may use these pictures for nonprofit/educational purposes provided you first get permission and properly credit the photographer.


Major Contributors:

Adam Cooner - pictures and field collecting information

Rick Dowling - pictures and field collecting information

Ritchie King - pictures and field collecting information

Scott Gravette - pictures and field collecting information

Terry Heuring - pictures and field collecting information

Chris Montross - pictures and field collecting information

Trey Petty - pictures and field collecting information

Todd Case - pictures, field collecting information

Nick Sharp - pictures

MODP - eastern indigo pictures

Walter Knapp - frog sound bites



hellbender picture - from Wiki courtesy of United States Federal Government - USGS

lesser siren picture - from Wiki courtesy Steinhart Aquarium by Stan Shebs

amphiuma picture - from Wiki courtesy of United States Federal Government - USGS

mudpuppy picture - from Wiki courtesy of National Park Services

leatherback sea turtle picture - from Wiki courtesy of U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

greenhouse frog picture - courtesy of JD Wilson 2006


Special Thanks

This site would like to extend a very big thank you to all the private land owners who have allowed us to rummage through their backyards, old barns, junk yards and wood lots in search of herp happiness. This site would also like to recognize the agencies listed below for also providing places to find and watch herps:

Alabama Land Trust

Alabama State Lands Division

Alabama Wildlife Management Areas

Forever Wild Land Program

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

The Land Trust of Huntsville & N. Alabama

USDA Forest Service (National Forests)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (National Wildlife Refuges)


Also ,thank you to the men and women who protect our skies, seas and borders as well as the local law enforcment and emergency personel.











Disclaimer     ©2007 Alabama Herps
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