Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Superclass: Tetrapoda

Class: Reptilia (Sauropsida)

Order: Squamata approximately 7,900 species

Suborder: Lacertilia (Sauria) (Lizards)


Total: approximately 4,765 lizard species in the world

Total: 16 species in Alabama


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Glass Lizards

Family: Anguidae

Subfamily: Anguinae

approximately 112 Anguidae species in the world

approximately 16 Anguinae species in the world - 3 in Alabama



Family: Polychrotidae


approximately 393 Polychrotidae species in the world - 2 in Alabama



Family: Gekkonidae

Subfamily: Gekkoninae

approximately 1196 Gekkonidae species in the world

approximately 76 Gekkoninae species in the world - 2 in Alabama



Family: Scincidae

approximately 1305 Scincidae species in the world - 6 in Alabama


Spiny Lizards

Family: Phrynosomatidae


approximately 125 Phrynosomatidae species in the world - 2 in Alabama


Family: Teiidae


approximately 245 Teiidae species in the world - 1 in Alabama




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